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How to Be Secured on Social Media When Traveling

There are certain risks that come with sharing your travel plans on social media. Letting the world know that you are not at home and that your place is vacant increases the chances of someone else breaking in. Your posts on social media can be a way for hackers to get your identity and use it to proceed with their social engineering attack. To avoid these mishaps from happening, keep these things in mind when you are out of town:

1.Keep your flight information to yourself.

Never ever share details about your flight on social media. If really needed, you can do this when you are already back. Sharing these information will be risky for you and for your work. There are people who might rob your stuff, including the ones you use for working and use it to retrieve important data. Cybercrime usually starts when hackers already have an access to personal data and that includes your flight details.

2.Don’t let everyone know about your travel plans.

In case you are wondering where to go and what to eat in a certain place, just seek for recommendations. Don’t share the exact date when you are planning to visit the place. This avoid risks of phishing scams, which is very rampant these days.

3.When asking for relevant information about your destination, meet with people in private.

When you are about to ask friends about places they can recommend, don’t do it with a Facebook post. Even if you set the privacy setting to “visible only to friends,” their friends who happen to be strangers to you may still see it. Who knows, your friends just accept friend requests from random people to have as many friends as possible on Facebook. Instead, directly message them or ask to meet in person.

4.Don’t be too excited to share your videos and photos of the trip.

It is tempting to share to everyone that you are out of town relaxing and enjoying a new discovery. But that also gives crooks a hint that your home is vacant. It is an opportunity for them to push through with their bad plans. To be safe, wait until you are home before sharing those pictures from your vacation.

5.Ensure that your accounts are secure.

Before leaving for a vacation, check the security settings of your accounts first. You may not be able to fix this when you are already traveling because your connection may not be fast enough. Speaking of connections, don’t connect on Wi-Fi devices you are unsure of. Connecting to public Wi-Fi will make your device more prone to hacking and that is dangerous.

Ultimately, think hard before sharing anything on social media. You have to be cautious when using social media to prevent any incidents. By applying these safety practices in social media, you can help in protecting not just yourself but also the people around you. That includes your family, friends, and your company.

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