Gambling Women

Gambling Women

Gambling and Women: Are Women Betting More?

The gambling scene is dominated by men. There is no doubt about them. You can prove this by just glancing at one craps or blackjack table at the casino. But, what about women? Are there notorious women gamblers dominating casinos?

Why do women enjoy betting?

Gambling WomenMen and women are actually similar when it comes to gambling. There is always the need for excitement, fun and adrenaline rush, and they can find it all at gambling.

What’s noteworthy is that women are proved to be more thoughtful and careful with their casino decision-making processes. They always gamble little amounts of money, instead of taking on a methodical gaming approach.

Top 3 Online Casino Platforms  for Women

Online casino gaming such as the mobile casino malaysia is an effective way for women to start playing with their favorite games such as blackjack and roulette. Through a reputable gambling website, women can play from the comforts of their own homes, and make big money. Below are reputable online casinos women can easily explore.

Gambling Women


This is the best platform to visit if you love spinning the reels. They have a vast range of slot games.

2. BetOnline

BetOnline Casino is a good list of gambling games which appeal mostly to women. Their slot list is complete with exciting and colorful games.

3. Café Casino

Café Casino is one of the most popular online gaming platforms around. You can even try out some games through practice place, prior to committing to that specific game you love the most.

Beginner Gambling Techniques for Women

  1. To be more comfortable, it’s best to spend hours practicing at home first during non-peak times. If possible, play with a friend to share the fun.
  2. Explore different online casino websites. Then, play lots of games online in order to feel comfortable with real cash wagering.
  3. If you have time, try visiting the nearest casino during daytime hours. Look around, and if you want, you can try some games.
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