4 Helpful Tips for Managing Contracted Event Staff


When you’re top event management companies, you might think that you have all of the bases covered in terms of the venue, the activities, and the food and drinks.

However, one aspect that you might have overlooked is your staff members. Some of them might not be available due to personal or emergency reasons, some of them might be sick, or some of them have prior commitments that they have to attend to. These things really happen, but you have to push through with the event. So, how are you going to handle the mammoth load that a usual event entails? You have to hire
contracted staff.

It can be a daunting experience, especially since you do not know them, but when you play your cards right, you could end up having an amazing event despite the fact that you outsourced some of your staff members. Here are some helpful tips for managing contractual workers:

1. Have a Lot of Patience

Understand that they are not your usual staff members. You know, the workers who have served you in many events prior to your next one and you trust them with all of your confidence and heart.

However, you can also entrust your faith in the contracted workers. Despite the fact that they do not work for you- meaning that they probably have different work ethics, training, among other things- they still want to get paid and they will do everything that they’re told.

They might not be as efficient as your original staff, but just have a little bit more patience and, in time, they will get the hang of it.

2. Organize a Meet Up

What do you usually do to your new recruits? Well, you brief them and tell them about what they’re going to do. The same thing goes for your contracted workers.

You have to organize a meetup so you can talk to them face to face. Again, be a little bit more lenient with them since you do not really know how they will perform.

This is the perfect time to build a working relationship with them.

3. Let Them Know What Your Company Represents

The problem with outsourced workers is they really do not know much about their employer’s company. Therefore, it is your job to let them know more about your company’s core values.

4. Tell Them Your Goals for the Upcoming Occasion

This is the time where you will tell them about your plans for the incoming event. Give them a detailed outline of what they should do. Tell them about the necessary preparations, what they’re going to wear, what time they’re required to report, and so on.

As much as possible, you have to be clear what your objectives are so that they can follow and accomplish it to tee.


There will come a time where some of your original staff members will not be available for the upcoming event. Therefore, you will have to work with outsourced workers who do not share the same values as you do.

However, keep in mind that they are still workers and they will do whatever it is that you tell them to. With this, set your agenda straight and tell them about your goals and objectives and they will surely follow it as per your standards.


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