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11 Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

2019 marks the arrival of new digital trends, most especially in the rapidly changing world of website design. If you are planning to set up a new website for your business or hire a website developer to do the task for you, now is the time to explore the latest trends in the industry. Remember that in the wide, saturated digital landscape, creative website design and user experience are not unique—they are expected.


  • Incorporating More Depth to Designs


Designers should develop designs full of varying colors and drop shadows to add further depth in web pages. Do you want to give your website a more complex appearance? They say that making flat designs which appear three-dimensional can make pages look more visually appealing. At times, it encourages people to finish the sales process.


  • Huge Attention-Grabbing Headers


At this day and age, every user is spending less time on web pages. Because of this, your website should be simple, with huge, bolded headers and short messages. This format can immediately capture your audiences, and expedite conversion time.


  • Rotating Animations


This is the ultimate website design strategy that will encourage users from coming back to your pages. Switch up your content. There should be something new from time to time. Consider rotating animations, alongside catchy content. Rotate your titles, and make call-to-action buttons more captivating to the eyes of every user.


  • Designs with Gradients


Modernizing gradients can impact your overall website design. This is now a popular web design choice among many young creatives.


  • Scroll-Triggered Animations


Scroll animations are becoming more and more popular as the years progress. This kind of website design showcases front-end development skills, and visual design talent. It also improves engagement and time on page. As long as they don’t confuse your users, this can applied in an efficient way in order to ensure a smooth user experience.

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